Tourism - Looking for Models/Actors for Cape Scott and Schoen Lake Tourism Videos

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
Modeling/Acting Opportunity: 
In collaboration with Tourism Vancouver Island, BC Parks has chosen two parks in the North Island to feature in videos - Cape Scott and Schoen Lake. Ben Giesbrecht and Jordan Dyck have been hired to shoot the video (and capture photography). 
Tourism Vancouver Island is looking for models for both videos, that have experience at the parks - see details below:

Cape Scott

Cape Scott filming will take place March 9th and 10th. (subject to change, but pretty firm)

- 1 or 2 local/frequent visitors to the park

- Heavy focus on their personal experience with the park, how to enjoy it safely and responsibly, a bit of backstory to who they are and why they enjoy the area. 

Does require 1-2 people who are really comfortable on camera, as they would be speaking.


*Similar to this style but more in depth -



Schoen Lake 

Schoen Lake filming will take place March 13th and 14th. (subject to change, but pretty firm)

- Active diverse couple in their 30s-50s

- Small family

- Group of friends in their 30s-40s

(ideally looking for at least 2 groups to cut back and forth to, to help with showing diversity of activities you can experience at the park.) 

Schoen Lake - the focus of that video will be Indigenous land and meaning. 
If you are interested or looking for more information, please email Gaby with your picture, questions and expierience at the parks: 
Gaby Wickstrom - Project Coordinator
Vancouver Island North Tourism