Kwakiutl Health Centre

Kwakiutl Health Centre

The Health Center operates a fully equipped health facility on the Kwakiutl Band’s Fort Rupert Reserve. Opened in March 2005, the building is centrally located next to the Kwakiutl Big House. In addition to offices for Health staff, there is a fully equipped kitchen for community meals, as well as a lounge area frequently used by Band Elders and other community groups. The Health Centres offers counselling and referral services and has a fully equipped dental surgery that is not yet operational. For more information about the programs and services of the Health Centre, please contact Sherry Hunt-Humchitt, the Community Health Representative, at 250-949-6625.

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 Kwakiutl Health Centre

 Fort Rupert Child & Youth Program


Our Vision:

"A community living in balance with oneself, one's neighbor, and all other living things achieving a safe and holistic state of well-being that includes embracing and celebrating the Band's traditional beliefs and practices. To encourage and nurture a sense of belonging and contribution amongst all members of the Band, while also recognizing a need for ongoing understanding, love, and respect for one another. Building upon the resilience, strengths, family values, and traditional knowledge of our ancestors to guide us in making healthy, positive choices for growth".

Our Mission:

"Wawalla xa hamattala" (Helping Our People) 

The KHD mission statement is based on the traditional value and belief that our purpose in life is about "servitude" or "helping our people". In order for us to fulfill that role, it requires us, individually, to be the best leader that we can be, in order to truly be in the place of "helping our people". This is the cornerstone or foundation of our way of life the potlatch. The mission statement is further based on the belief that we respect and honour our people and deliver services and programs maintaining the dignity of the people we work with.

Kwakiutl Band Health Workers

Since April 1, 2013, the Kwakiutl Band Council has taken control of our health services care. The Kwakiutl Health Department, under the administration of the Kwakiutl Band Council, assumed all operational and administrative control for our community’s health services.

We have made tremendous strides with respect to providing primary care and programming that meet the community’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health care needs.

Being a community health centre, a strong emphasis is placed on wellness, health promotion and chronic illness prevention throughout the lifecycle (from prenatal to senior citizen programming).

The Health Centre has a team of qualified staff who work as a team implementing the programs and supports necessary for the health and well-being of our community members.

Contact Information
PO Box 2220
97 Tsakis Way
Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0
Ph: 250-949-6625
Fax: 250-902-2246


Health Director (HD)
Caitlin Hartnett, Ext 111
Cell: 250-230-4532

Mon - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

Receptionist/Patient Travel Clerk

Kim Wilson, Ext 100

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm 

Community Health Representative (CHR)

Jolene Jack, Ext 101

Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Community Health Nurse (CHN)

Renee Williams, Ext 102

Tue-Fri 8:15am - 4pm

Home and Community Care Nurse (HCC)

Robin Hunt, Ext 104

Addictions & Recovery Worker (ARW)

Maureen Schat

Child & Youth Worker (CYW)

Aurelia Nelson, Ext 107


Registered Care Aide (RCA)

Deanna Jewell, Ext 105


 Head Start

Carol Ford, Ext 109

Infant Development


 Nurse Practitioner - Lisa Greer


 Custodian - Brianna Wilson

 Elders Support Worker - VACANT

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