Kwakiutl Band Council - REFERRALS ANALYST

Closing Date: 
May 31st, 2022

Kwakiutl Band Council - Referrals Analyst - INTERNAL

Position Summary The Referrals Analyst will guide the process for all referrals received by the Kwakiutl Band. This process includes but is not limited to: • Assessing potential impacts on Kwakiutl’s Aboriginal Rights and Title, Treaty, traditional lands and resources including cumulative and future impact assessments. • Initiating and monitoring environmental review for referrals occurring in Kwakiutl consultation area • Assess potential socio-economic opportunities for the Kwakiutl Band and our members • Maintain a traditional view throughout the referral process* • Complete comprehensive and detailed reports for referrals and present to Kwakiutl Chief and Council and Senior Governance Advisor.


Please see attachment for further job description & application details