KBC - Program Development Manager

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Internal Posting: February 26 – March 11 External Posting Dates: March 11 – March 25

Kwakiutl Band Council - Program Development Manager

Job Posting

The purpose of the Program Development Manager is to oversee the operations and development of
designated programs in the Lands and Resources Department and Kwakiutl Nation Development
Corporation. The scope of this work is decided annually in a workplan with a goal of supporting the
formation, development, and operations of Kwakiutl programs. The role includes the supervision and
support of program coordinators, and providing support in HR, skills training, budgeting, reporting,
funding applications, and project oversight in the designated program lines

The Program Development Manager is tasked with:

Supporting program coordinators with planning, management, and HR needs under their

Supports the budgeting and planning of skills training and supporting staff development

Overseeing the budgeting, reporting, and funding applications in program lines.

Supports the program coordinators in gathering data and organizing information related to
reporting on funding applications.

In cooperation with program coordinators, is responsible for the oversight and filing of all
funding reports and application commitments.
The scope of the work undertaken by the Program Development Manager will be assigned annually in a
work plan and addressed quarterly to ensure the tasks at hand meet the strategic vision of the
departments receiving support, and the capacity of the Program Development role.

Internal Posting: February 26 – March 11
External Posting Dates: March 11 – March 25
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