Fisheries Manager

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Band Office/Kwakiutl Facilities


Under the direction and guidance of the Kwakiutl Nation Development Corp. (KNDC) General Manager/CEO, the Fisheries Manager oversees all the activities of the KNDC fisheries in accordance with the policies, agreements and related priorities set by the Corporation/Kwakiutl Band Council (KBC). He or she has oversight of all fisheries managed by KNDC - including boats, licences, related gear, and associated fisheries staff and/or fishing crews.


The Fisheries Manager's work includes (but is not limited to) the following:

*Financial management abilities required to ensure monitoring/interpret balance sheet and income statements for the KNDC Fisheries Department.

*Complete business cases for PICFI Business Development and PICFI Capacity Building Support funding applications.

*Ensures all deliverables and reporting are completed on time as required for all contribution and funding agreements.

*Researches and applies for any available funding opportunities or grants.

*Provides quarterly reports to the KNDC GM/CEO regarding all fisheries related business issues, concerns, or opportunities.

*Serves as a liaison with relevant and strategic associations, advisory commitees, industry partners, and facilitates mutually beneficial relationships with other Nations, federal and provincial governments agencies.

*When requested participates in decision making with GM/CEO regarding Kwakiutl natural resources and strategic business planning and execution.

*Plays a lead role in initiating employment, training and business opportunities within the fisheries department.

*Plays a lead role in negotiating and implementing fisheries business agreements.

*Prepares and secures contracts for support in consultations and technical support for agreement negotiations.

*Performs other duties as assigned by the KNDC GM/CEO

Knowledge of Kwakiutl community, culture and language is an asset. It is paramount that all positions within the KNDC strive to communicate and serve the Kwakiult people in a manner that respects, enhances and promotes the cultural identity and well being of both the individual and the community. The position will ensure cultural safety by:

*Gaining cultural awareness and cultural sensitivity.

*Understanding and complying with any Kwakiutl policies or position statements on "cultural safety" (and ensuring it is reflected in individual training and professional development plans)

*Ensuring that plans, policies, and activities undertaken promote the holistic health and well-being of the Kwakiutl in a way that incorporates and promotes the cultural aspects of the Kwakiutl People and traditions.

*Overall assisting in the articulation and establishment of cultural influence expectations in KNDC Fisheries business planning and day-to-day operations.


*Certified Fisheries Enterprise Management training. 

*Post secondary degree or diploma in business management, financial management, economic development, marine aquaculture sciences or other related disciplines.

*Experience in a West Coast marine and freshwater fishery.

*Strong business acumen coupled with experience driving revenues in fisheries.

*Demonstrated experience leading and developing employees.

*Hands-on experience in vessel maintenance and operation (including regulatory requirements). 

*Strong knowledge of provincial and federal fisheries policies, law, legislation and regulation.

*Strong ability to lead/manage field and vessel crews in an efficient, professional, and fair manner.

*Excellent interpersonal, negotiation, formal writing (such as briefing notes, strategy documents, work plans etc.) and communication skills.

*The ability to engage and work efficiently with Kwakiutl community members and other stakeholders.


*Successful applicant must periodically undego a police information check (PIC).

*Pre-employment and post-incident drug/alcohol testing is a requirment.

*Travel to various destinations outside the typical worksite.

*The successful applicant can expect to work in a variety of different work enviroments, as well as work outside the normal business hours and to function independently.

*Abide by KNDC/KBC organizational policies (i.e, personnel policy and other policies)

*Preference my be given to qualified Indigenous applicants.

*Willing to perform other duties as assigned by the GM/CEO.

Competetive compensation package including extended health and pension benefits following successful probationary period

Competition closes when a successful candidate is hired


Please forward your resume and cover letter to