Kwakiutl Band Governance

The Kwakiutl Band operates under a set of custom election regulations. Where the regulations are silent on a particular topic or issue, the relevant Indian Act regulations are used. At present, the Band is in the process of developing a more detailed and comprehensive set of regulations that will ensure the integrity and transparency of Kwakiutl Band Council elections. Those regulations, in draft, are available to the viewer (please see Draft Election Regulations on this site).

The Kwakiutl Band Council is comprised of six Councillors and a Chief Councillor. The Band currently staggers elections, with three Councillors elected in March and four in November. All Councillors are elected for two year terms. A Council Code of Ethics is also in draft. It can be viewed on this site under the heading Draft Council Code of Ethics. Council meets bi-weekly or more frequently if business requires it. Council meetings are held in the Band’s administration building in Fort Rupert. Council meetings are generally open to Band members although Council will meet in camera if discussion topics include items that are confidential or sensitive in nature. 

Kwakiutl Band Council

Chief Councillor Verna Hunt

Councillor David Knox

Councillor Terena Hunt

Councillor Parker Humchitt

Councillor Bernard (Barney) Wilson

Councilor Davina Hunt
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Councillor Alexander Wilson