General Summary

Reporting to the Chief Councilor and Council of the Kwakiutl Band, the Kwakiutl Band Manager is the senior administrative officer who ensures the effective functioning of the management and administrative systems essential to achieving the mandate of the Kwakiutl Band Council.

Supervisory Functions

Reporting to the Band Manager are the Program Managers and, through the Program Managers, other staff of each department in the Kwakiutl Administration, including the Wagalus School and the Kwigwis Daycare. Specifically, the following managers and staff report directly to the Band Manager:

  • Finance
  • Education
  • Social Housing
  • Social Development
  • Housing/Membership
  • Economic Development
  • Fisheries
  • KNDC
  • Kwigwis Daycare
  • Health

General Roles and Responsibilities

The Band Manager is responsible for the daily administration and operations of the Kwakiutl Band. As such, the manager:

  • Coordinates the planning, organization, development, and implementation of Kwakiutl Council management and administrative functions.
  • Provides status reports and advice as required or requested to Council on all matters related to the management of the Kwakiutl Band.
  • Establishes the appropriate and necessary relationships with government officials so as to facilitate mutually beneficial relationships with other First Nations, Federal and Provincial governments.
  • Recommends appropriate policies and procedures to Council as required or directed.
Contact information:
Senior Administration Team: 
Angela Smith 
250-949-6012 Ext. 3155

Kyla Lee
250-949-6012 ext. 3166
Jon Locke
250-959-6012 ext. 3150
Angie Demoe - Band Manager
250-949-6012 ext. 3163
Elected Chief:
Verna Hunt
250-949-6012 ext. 3160


The Band’s Membership Clerk is responsible for the provision of membership services to Kwakiutl Band members. The Clerk processes requests for status cards, birth registration, and report deaths. The Clerk also maintains and updates the Band membership list as required.

Attention! To All Kwakiutl Band Members 18 Years and older living off-reserve.

Can you please forward your mailing address and email address to the following email addresses. We can then send you any information about voting and other important Kwakiutl Band Information. We need to update our mailing lists.

Send your mailing address and email address to:

Helen Wilson
250-949-6012 x3158