KNDC - Cluxewe Request for Proposal

Closing Date: 
Cluxewe - Port McNeill

Please click on the link for complete KNDC - Cluxewe Request for Proposal (RFP #01-2020/Cluxewe Resort)


RFP Number: 01-2020/Cluxewe Resort
CLUXEWE RESORT ( ) Resort Management Services
Issued: November 29, 2019
Submission Deadline: February 15, 2020


Section 1.0 - REQUEST
1.1 The Kwakiutl Nation Development Corporation (referred to hereinafter as “KNDC”), wholly
owned by the Kwakiutl First Nation, is requesting a detailed and comprehensive Proposal from
qualified individuals and/or businesses for the delivery of RV & Campground Management
Services for Cluxewe Resort . Proponents are invited to provide
alternative options or solutions to address the service need.




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